I cannot thank you enough for your guidance in this endeavor. You made giving form to my pile of pages possible, and I truly could not, and likely would not, have finished without you. . . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

--B.H. James, author of Parnucklian for Chocolate, a 2014 PEN Center USA Literary Award Finalist 

Amy Hassinger has a rare skill for attentive listening to a writer’s voice, whether in manuscript or face-to-face conversation.  An experienced writer herself, she offers a range of support, from structural suggestions to line edits and practical advice about the writing process.  In reviving a project that had lain dormant for many years, I found her to be flexible, perceptive, and professional.

--Betsy Hearne, author of Hauntings: Stories of Danger, Love, & Sometimes Loss

Amy Hassinger helped make me the writer I am today. She has an eye that sees not only the big picture the words before her are painting, but all of the small, soft spots in a story as well. Best of all? She knows how to make it all better. She's a literary engineer who understands writing may not be as much a science as it is an art, but it's pretty damn close. Since I've worked with her, I've had her strong yet soothing editorial voice whispering in my head when I edit. ("Is this really what you want to say here, Stueve? Tell me why."). It is a welcome companion.

--AE Stueve, author of  The ABCs of Dinkology: Life, The ABCs of Dinkology: Time In-Between, and Former

Amy Hassinger’s help was invaluable while I was working on Bones Buried in the Dirt. She helped me see what was working in the book, what wasn’t, and what was still missing. For the things that weren’t working or were still missing, she always had suggestions. The best part was that she was always enthusiastic about the project, which made me excited to even get criticism. She was a joy to work with and the book is a much better work because of her help.

—David Atkinson, author of Bones Buried in the Dirt

If you’re looking for a professional, unbiased assessment of your work, you will find no finer editor than Amy Hassinger. . . . I will be always grateful to Amy for not just reading my novel, but saving it.

--Lynn Kilb, Adjunct Professor of Writing, Carroll University

Amy's guidance was thorough, straightforward, and clear.  She provided me with written feedback that was direct, honest and most importantly, moved me along to the next phase of my writing. I would highly recommend her services to anyone at any stage in their writing endeavors.

--Terri Decker, memoirist

For 25 years I felt I had something to say that was worth hearing but I lacked confidence in my writing skills. In just two years, Amy's coaching has taken me from very tentative efforts that I was only willing to share with a few trusted friends and writing companions to a level of confidence sufficient to empower me to submit work for publication. It's been a very satisfying process and I anticipate more benefits as I continue the adventure.

--Dirk Mol, psychotherapist and essayist